Meet Our Team!

Pediatricians: Gina Boutwell, MD and Sarah Schneider, MD

Dr. Gina BoutwellDr. Boutwell and Dr. Schneider created SYF to help families make healthier choices. Their goal was to develop an educational program that would allow their patients to learn how to eat and live healthy.

Dr. Boutwell has two children, one of whom has juvenile diabetes, so she knows how hard it is to keep a close eye on eating habits and healthy diets. Through being a part of the program she has learned a lot about different foods and options for healthy choices for children. She is very proud to be part of the SYF team, and is so pleased to be able to offer the program to her patients and others at SSMC.

Dr. SchneiderDr. Schneider enjoys staying fit with her family. She likes sailing, hiking, running, and working out in the gym. Pilates has become one of her favorite classes. Her dog and toddler always want to be running and playing outside which is good motivation to join in the fun.

She and her family enjoy trying new recipes and are always looking for healthy alternatives. As a busy family with two full-time working parents she is always looking for dishes that are quick and easy or ones that freeze well for later. She enjoys sharing her recipes with the Shape Your Future Team.

Program Coordinator: Molly Mazanec RN, MSN, CPNP

Molly Mazanec, RN, MSN, CPNPMolly Mazanec RN, MSN, CPNP has extensive experience with the pediatric population. She was a special needs educator prior to becoming a nurse practitioner.

As a mother to three boys, Molly understands the difficulty of finding time to make healthy and fun meals. She loves working with families to help them find innovative and fun ways to become healthy, but most importantly ideas that work for each family.

In the winter she enjoys snowboarding and spends the summer sailing. Her favorite part of Shape Your Future is watching the kids learn about becoming healthier and the amazing effect it has on their self-esteem.