From Parents

“The program actually benefited the entire family and we are all eating healthier and making better food choices… Molly, Satoko and Jen are truly amazing and wonderful. They were great with the kids and made this program a very positive experience. They were very helpful to us as ‘the parents’ in their support, ideas and delicious recipes.”

“I liked how the staff really worked together with the parents and the kids. They worked hard to get you info that was requested.”

“They were wonderful – you thought of everything, even ‘kid food.’”

“Really appreciated the honesty and support of the staff.”

(Would you recommend the program to others?)
“If for no other reason than to get the whole family involved.”

From Kids

“Dear Molly, Thank you for all your help. I’m going to miss doing all the activities with your class. I learned a lot and I even caught my sister Molly reading labels!”

“Everyone was nice and it was fun. :)”

How SYF Can Help You

“Ever since the Shape Your Future Program, I have made many positive changes in my eating and exercise habits. To start off, I have exercise that I enjoy doing. It motivates me to do it more. Keeping a log of food helps me with portion control and eating enough fruits and veggies. Learning about food labels is very important because they explain if a food is healthy for you or not. They show the good things in a food for you. Being healthy can be fun. I was creative with desserts and snacks. For instance, I had trail mix with many healthy things for snack. For dessert, I had strawberry shortcake that was delicious and healthy. I found that different kinds of berries were great desserts too. I learned a lot from Shape Your Future.”