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Life is a Beach!

Going to the beach is a weekly activity for my family.  What a great place to be active, there are so many things to do and you can get plenty of exercise while having fun !  We took our family to the beach at dinner time this past weekend, perfect ending to a summer day.  Grilling on the beach, turkey burgers, hot dogs and
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It’s Grilling Time

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and many of you are dusting off your grills for the start of the summer cook out season.  This year why not jazz up some of your lean proteins and vegetables with some homemade marinades.  They are very easy to make and you can experiment all summer long with flavors.  Basic marinade recipe calls for equal parts oil
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Mother’s Day is upon us…time to start planting !!

This weekend just makes me happy for a number of reasons. My kids and family tell me they love me all the time, but something about those homemade Mother’s day cards that makes my heart melt. No chocolates or special breakfasts, just cards and they make me cry with joy every year ! The other reason why I love this weekend is that Mother’s
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My phone helped me lose weight

Sounds too good to be true? like an infomercial? Believe it or not, my new phone did help me lose 1/2 pound over the last 5 days ! Let me back up to last Tuesday, my husband texted me at work to let me know our new phones had arrived.  We had decided to join the masses and got new smartphones.  Up to this
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To Cleanse or not to cleanse

Recently, my husband and I decided to try a juice cleanse. After doing a little research we decided on a 5 day juice and just fruit and vegetable cleanse. I’ve always heard of people doing these and it seems like the ‘in’ thing to do in the celebrity world…therefore, everyone is doing it….right?? I discussed the cleanse with some of our RD’s on staff
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