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How to get your family (and yourself!) up and moving!

And the BEST way to Re-fuel after exercise is…

People frequently ask: “What should I eat after I exercise?” or “Should I start drinking protein shakes after the gym?” or, “Should I eat dinner before, or after I work out?” and my personal favorite….. “But won’t I just replace all the calories I just expended, if I eat something after working out?” The answer to that final question is: NO, that not correct
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Energy Drinks and Sports Drinks…for Children?

Are energy drinks and sports drinks the same thing? Sports drinks contain carbohydrates and electrolytes to replenish water and electrolytes lost during exercise. They sometimes contain proteins, vitamins and minerals. Energy drinks can contain similar ingredients but also contain stimulants such as caffeine, guarana, ginseng, etc. A report published recently has advised that children and teenagers should avoid energy drinks and limit or eliminate
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Staying Hydrated in the Heat

One of the (very few) drawbacks to hot summers in New England is the increased risk of dehydration.  It’s important to be sure you remain adequately hydrated throughout the hot summer months, to avoid the potential negative impacts that improper hydration can have on the body. Our bodies respond to the heat by sweating, to prevent our body temperatures from rising to dangerous levels.
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Let’s Move (Together)!

We all know it’s important to be active – we hear it all the time! Let’s talk about age-appropriate activities to engage kids and keep them healthy! Preschool-aged kids are busy developing motor skills so activities like kicking or throwing a ball, playing tag or follow-the-leader, hopscotch, riding a bike with training wheels, or obstacle courses are great! And, of course, supervision is advised!
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Is too much Screen Time affecting your Child’s Weight?

Many studies have shown that the more TV children watch (or the more screen time in general), the more likely they are to gain too much weight. Why is this? Well, firstly watching TV is a sedentary activity. It often takes the place of more active pursuits. The advertisments shown during children’s TV programs generally promote foods & drinks of poor nutritional quality (for
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