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Mother’s Day is upon us…time to start planting !!

This weekend just makes me happy for a number of reasons. My kids and family tell me they love me all the time, but something about those homemade Mother’s day cards that makes my heart melt. No chocolates or special breakfasts, just cards and they make me cry with joy every year ! The other reason why I love this weekend is that Mother’s
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Stress eating

Do you stress eat?  I hate to admit it but I stress eat.  Thankfully when I am stress eating, I’m choosing relatively healthy things like tofu and veggies and big bowls of fruit.  But even good food can be too much! So what have I tried that works for me to try not to start stress eating, or to stop stress eating once it’s
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‘There’s an App for That!’

Are you taking advantage of the WIDE world of ‘Apps’ out there? If you have an iphone, ipad, itouch, Blackberry, Android device, other smart phone, or are soon in need of an upgrade to one of these, there is an enormous range of both paid and free applications out there waiting for you. There are ‘apps’ to help you to lose weight, track daily
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Houston we have a whiner…

So the boys have taken to whining and I. can’t. stand. it.  I mean seriously it drives me crazy.  I can handle the biting, I can handle the hitting, I even got through the oh so annoying phase of N going over and spinning the dog food bowl over his head so tiny pieces of kibble would come at you like shrapnel right at
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Get a MOVE on

How many times have you been told that exercise is good for you? Countless times I’m sure, and yet the majority of the population still doesn’t get what they need… The benefits of exercise and physical activity are no secret.  So what is everyone waiting for? Take advantage of improving your entire well-being via exercise. It will enhance your physical, psychological, emotional, and social well-being, as
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