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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

It’s that time of year again: back to school! Things are about to get even more hectic than they already are, which can mean making less healthy food choices due to lack of time. Some quick tips for healthy lunch packing:

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  1. Pack lunches the night before – morning is busy enough as it is, make sure there is one less step in the morning and you’ll be less likely to just fork over a few dollars for the kids to eat the school lunch (which won’t be as healthy as yours!).
  2. Choose whole wheat bread over white bread – the fiber found in the whole wheat bread will not only help to keep kids fuller longer, it will also help to keep their blood sugars nice and stable throughout the day.
  3. Choose low-fat condiments such as mustard or hummus versus higher fat ones like mayonnaise.
  4. Cut up veggies at the beginning of the week and dole out into small packable containers for your kids to take each day. You’ll have more time during the week (chopping is already done) and kids will have the benefit of snacking on veggies throughout the week.
  5. Choosing fruit over cookies or other dessert food items will help curb a sweet tooth without all the extra fat. To help kids feel fuller longer, choose fruit with skin on it, like apples and pears. The fiber will help to fill them up!
  6. Choose lower-sugar, low-fat drinks throughout the day such as water and low-fat milk (versus juice, sports drinks, and soda –both diet and regular!) to help avoid sugar crashes and dehydration.

For more great tips on school lunches visit kidshealth.org


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