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Life is a Beach!

boys at beachGoing to the beach is a weekly activity for my family.  What a great place to be active, there are so many things to do and you can get plenty of exercise while having fun !  We took our family to the beach at dinner time this past weekend, perfect ending to a summer day.  Grilling on the beach, turkey burgers, hot dogs and veggies on the grill.  Frozen grapes and berries for dessert !!  (tip for the summer – freeze your grapes and berries for picnics – they double as ice packs as well as a refreshing summer treat ) We even made some s’mores on the grill.  Hey, it’s summer and we knew we were going to take a long walk later.

After dinner we took the boys on a scavenger hunt on the beach, it was low tide perfect for looking for ocean treasures.  We walked for about an hour just hunting around for hermit crabs, sand dollars, all different types of seaweed, clams, sea glass, etc.  The boys were happy running around and didn’t know they were actually ‘exercising’ and the adults had fun walking, chatting and joining in on the occasional splash fight !

A good friend always tells me to celebrate the Simple Joys in life.  Well, my simple joy of the summer is Life is a Beach !   Dinner on the grill, scavenger hunt on the beach, laugh and spend time with family and friends. Translations: eat healthy, exercise and practice stress management.  I love it !!


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