Dining Out Tips

Tips & Tricks For Dining / Ordering Out

1. Order sauces and dressings on the side – this way you know exactly how much you’re using.

2. Avoid cream based salad dressings (chances are they do not have low-fat blue cheese) – choose a lite vinaigrette or lite Italian

3. Some salads can pack in >500 calories (a cobb salad for example) – so choose 1 or 2 of the highest calorie ingredients. For example, keep the avocado and walnuts, and skip the bacon, cheese, and egg, and order the dressing on the side!

4. If arriving to a restaurant extremely hungry, immediately order a garden salad or broth based soup. This way you, can avoid the high calorie appetizers and large size dinner rolls, which often are equivalent in calories to a meal. (You will also help curb your appetite and will be more likely to order a healthy entrée).

5. Hold the Butter! Did you know that a lot of restaurants even add butter to their vegetables?! 2 Tbs of butter have > 200 calories and about 20 gms of fat – be sure to ask to hold the butter when you’re dining out!

6. Choose thin crust pizza over thick. A thick crust pizza can be 1,000+ calories more than a thin crust!

7. Avoid the liquid calories! Sipping on a 20oz coke while dining out, adds another 245 calories to the meal, therefore with a refill, you’ve added 500 calories (which can be equivalent to an entire meal)!

8. If a website with nutrition information is available, use it. It is helpful to check out this information before going, that way can be aware of the highest and lowest calorie menu items.

9. Be the first to order! If you’re with a group of people, and are last to order, you may be more influenced by what others are ordering (if you plan on ordering grilled chicken and salad, and everyone at the table orders a burger and fries, you may be apt to change your order).

10. Helpful websites for finding nutritional information for many popular restaurants:





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