Healthy Nutrition and Weight Management

Tips for Healthy Eating and Meal Plans

Have you ever wondered what to eat??? Click here for some basic healthy eating tips and sample meal plans.

Calorie Content of Foods

Would you like to know how many calories you are eating?

Weight Management Apps

Registered dietitians review the top-rated free iPhone and Android apps for weight management.

Smart Shopping

SO MANY CHOICES! This list will help direct you towards better choices when out grocery shopping! Now, there are sweets and savory foods on this list that aren’t necessarily healthy (like hot dogs) but we all have them once in a while, so if you can make a healthier choice you will be that much better off!

Cook Healthy! Get the Kids Involved!

Want your kids to eat healthier? Make it easier (and more fun!) to prepare fresh meals at home and eat fast food less often by involving your kids in the kitchen.

Do you have a Picky Eater?

Are you concerned because your children won’t a variety of foods? “Picky” eaters are often trying to show their independence and efforts at decision making – a normal part of growing up. Be patient and click here for tips to help!