Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of the Day

Kids need to start of the day with a healthy breakfast!

cereal and berries

It is important for adults and kids alike to get a good healthy breakfast, but for kids they are still growing making it perhaps even more important. Each night while you sleep, you aren’t eating which means your body goes into a semi-starvation mode.  It is really important to break this “fast” each day with a nutritious breakfast to avoid the physical, intellectual and behavioral issues associated with skipping breakfast!

How to make a “well rounded” breakfast.

1. Remember this doesn’t have to be gourmet or take oodles of time, it just needs to be a nice combination of protein and fiber!

  • whole grain cereal with skim milk
  • apple with peanut butter
  • oatmeal and fruit
  • eggs on whole wheat toast
  • cottage cheese or yogurt with fruit – add wheat germ or a whole grain cereal to make it even heartier!
  • fruit smoothie
  • Don’t like breakfast foods? A PB&J with fruit or turkey on an english muffin are great options!

Still not convinced? Maybe you think skipping breakfast will help you lose weight? But you would be mistaken… Studies show that people who skip breakfast end up eating more calories by the end of the day than those that have a yummy meal to start their day.  When you skip your morning nosh you are more likely to snack throughout the day and/or eat way more than you plan to at your next meal. So the point? Take the time for yourself and your kids and eat that breakfast!

Looking for some more Breakfast Options? Check out this handout.