Behavior Change

Behavior Change
Highlights of the Behavior Change presentation

Weight Loss Guide for Parents
Tips to help motivate your family, create realistic goals, be a good role model and protect your child’s self-esteem in the process.

bag of groceries

Better Grocery Shopping

Smart Brands
SO MANY CHOICES! This list will help direct you on the better choices when out grocery shopping! Now, there are sweets and savory foods on this list that aren’t necessarily healthy (like hot dogs) but we all have them once in a while so if you can make a healthier choice you will be that much better off!

Food Label Cheat Sheet
Looking for some tips when reading a food label? This is a great item to print out and bring with you to the store, so you can make sure the items you are bringing into your home are yummy AND healthy!

Your Environment at Home Starts at the Grocery Store
Tips and tricks to make the most of your grocery shopping and to create a healthy home.

How to Stock Your Pantry
Great ideas for foods you should always have in your pantry.

Building Blocks to Nutrition
Learn about what nutrients and vitamins are in the different food groups.

Dining Out and Portions

What is a Serving Size?
Not sure how much is considered a portion of certain foods? Look no further!

Fast Food Fumbles
Common mistakes when eating at a fast food place and how to make better choices.

Calories in Popular Foods at Local Fast Food Places

Tips and Tricks for Eating Out

Dining Out Dilemmas
Ways to avoid common pitfalls when eating out.


Step Tracker
Trying to meet some fitness goals? This step tracker helps you see how many steps it is going to take to get there!

Healthy Eating Habits and Exercise Tips

Exercise Smarts
Goal setting for exercise, ways to set realistic and attainable exercise goals for your family.


Cholesterol Check List
Did you find out your child has high cholesterol? Use this helpful check list to help guide the food changes your family needs to make to become heart healthy.

Trans-Fat Facts
What the heck is a trans fat, and why is it so bad for you? Find out here!

How Much Fat?
Shows how much fat is in foods we typically eat

Fat: Friend or Foe?
Quick guidelines to learn the difference between heart healthy fats and heart unhealthy fats

10 Ways to Lower Your Family’s Cholesterol

Goal Setting

Guide to Creating Goals
Setting goals, goals that will really work for your family, need to be well thought out. Learn how with this handout.

Health and Wellness

Is Your Family Getting Enough Sleep?

Lyme Disease
Lyme Disease 101

Holiday Tips and Tricks
Looking for ways to get through the holidays as healthfully as possible? Then this is the handout for you!

Healthy Holiday
Don’t let the holidays derail you from having a healthy year, stay on track with these helpful tips.

Avoid Cold and Flu This Season
Is it a cold or is it the flu? Here is how to tell the difference.

Learning how to hand wash properly is the easiest way to keep your family healthy this winter and all year long!

Healthy Meals and Snacks

How to Cut Calories and Not Taste at Your Next Party
Everyone loves a good party and even a celebration can still be part of an overall healthy eating plan. Use these simple strategies to cut calories but not flavor at your next get together.

Veggie Variety
Ways to be creative with your veggies at dinner!

Simple Snacks
Ways to set yourself up for snacking success!

Sensible Substitutions
Healthier options for the ingredients you use when cooking.

Meal Time is Family Time
Ways to make dinner a time to reconnect with your family.

Lunch Box Makeovers
Ways to improve what you pack for lunch!

Healthy Snack Ideas
Ideas for healthy snacks

Fast Healthy Meals
Some tips to making fast and healthy dinners


Healthy Holiday Eating
looking for some tips for how to get through the holiday season without adding those 5 pounds?? Well here are the ABC’s to getting through like a breeze!

Nutrition Fact Sheet
Covering all the basics of nutrition from www.eatright.org

Dietary Guidelines for Healthy Children

Eating on the Go
Sometimes we have to eat on the run or we get hungry away from home. You can still eat healthy!

Nuts and Bolts of Nutrition
The body requires over 40 fundamental nutrients to maintain good health. To get all these nutrients and non-nutrient compounds important to health, it is best to eat a variety of foods from all of the food groups.

Picky Eating

The Try Contract
A contract that you and your child can sign promising to work on trying new foods and creating a supportive, encouraging environment.

Protein and Fiber

Real Fiber vs Fake Fiber
We hear so much about foods now being “high in fiber”, but how do they do it? There is real fiber that is found naturally in whole grains, whole fruits and veggies, and then there is “fake” fiber. This is man made fiber that is added to foods to increase its bulk. The problem with fake fiber? Is that it is really tough on our body to digest, sometimes causing bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea.

Meal Ideas
Ideas for protein and fiber combinations

Fruit Colors
It is recommended that you eat a variety of colors. Different fruits and veggies that are different colors give up different vitamins and nutrients. But which color is which fruit or veggie. This neat handout can help you encourage your child to try new foods of different colors.

Breakfast Options
Looking for breakfast ideas? Then this is the handout for you! Great protein and fiber combinations that will fill you up and keep you feeling full. Feeling adventurous? Make up your own meals by picking something from the protein column, something from the grain column and then a fruit or veggie.

Managing Your Hunger and Fullness
Certain foods satisfy hunger longer. Fiber and protein are key! This handout has a chart explaining how to manage your hunger, fullness and blood sugar.

Sports Nutrition

Snacking for Your Sport
Snack ideas for your athlete.


The Scoop about High Fructose Corn Syrup
Not sure what high fructose corn syrup is? Learn about it and how to find it in the foods you are buying and why despite what the ads are saying, it really isn’t good for you!

Sugar: How to Cut Back
Quick and easy tips on how to cut back how much sugar your family eats and drinks

Sugar: Hide and Seek
Learn to be a food label detective and find the added sugar on a food label

Juice: Friend or Foe?
What is the deal with juice? Is it good for you? Too much sugar? Find out here!