Behavior Changewoman giving lecture

Behavior Change
Looking for ways to make changes in your family’s behavior? Learn how to take all your new knowledge and change your family’s habits.

BMI and Nutrition

Understanding BMI
Understanding what Body Mass Index is and what the numbers mean.


Dietary Fats and Heart Health

Learn the difference between heart healthy fats and heart unhealthy fats (the ones that clog arteries and lead to heart disease.)

Food Labels

Food Labels
Find food labels confusing? That’s becasue they are if you don’t know what you are looking for! Become a food label detective and know that you are bringing healthy foods into your home!

Goal Setting

Goal Setting
Ways to help you guide your children through the process of setting realistic and acheivable goals.

Healthy Meals and Snacks

Planning Your Meals
Tips and tricks to make your meals healthy and learning ways to plan ahead.

Picky Eating

Restrictive Eaters
Do you have a picky eater in your family? Learn ways to introduce new foods, increase calories if needed and avoid the power struggle!

Protein and Fiber

Understanding Protein and Fiber
Learn about the importance of protein and fiber. By putting these foods in the right combinations your family will have more energy, feel full faster and stay feeling full longer!

Sports Nutrition

Fuel for Athletes
Learn how to keep your athlete healthy, hydrated and full of energy!


Sweet Success: Carbohydrates and Sugar
Learn about natural sugar versus added sugar. How to find out how much sugar is in the foods we commonly eat